Friday, April 19, 2013

D800 Video Clips

D800 Video is Impressive

But not easy!  I spent a little bit of time during this recent
April 2013 tour to Costa rica messing around with
the video functions of the D800 for Nikon.

Great fun!

And quite challenging as I am using the 200-400 mm lens,
so focus and dof were interesting to say the least.
Auto focus will track much better with wider angle lenses, but
I think with all things considered, the lens and camera performed well.

I look forward to my next Africa tour, and plan to set one safari
truck dedicated to guests that are interested in video, so we
can all capture the animals and birds with real sound.

I will bring my Jobu head, and mount it to an Apex Bean Bag
which will give me some smooth panning ability.

I found the Jobu Pro head to works nicely with the 200-400 lens,
with fine tuning the drag controls giving me a nice mount, and
smooth flow with very little "jittering" vibrations.

Jobu Gimbal sales, and Apex Bean bags, please 
email me here...

To view the latest video, please click below, the click 
on the top image  "Costa Rica Movie clips".

Many more edits soon to be posted on my websites....

and a few forums.
Thanks for looking!

Thanks for following my blog, wishing you good light 
and awesome images.
Thanks for looking!
(please click on the images for a larger view!)

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