Monday, August 5, 2013

Artist - Dwight Yassany

My friend Dwight has been using a few of my images for reference, creating spectacular art.
He has a website now, and would be interested in selling his work to the public.  Please have a look at these photographs, just click on one of them for a better view.

From Dwight's Bio:

Artist’s Biography

"I grew up in the Sierra Nevada foothills of the northern Sierra Nevada range. Living in that rich wild land gave me an intense appreciation for the vivid details of nature where I spend most of my available time out of doors. I graduated from Colfax High School. While there I was exposed to many forms of art instruction from two dimensional to woodwork and metal. I gravitated to pen and ink as it held a special interest for me. I concentrated on learning how to depict nature in detail while only using the black and white art form.

I began using quill type pens then began to use technical pens of various designs to achieve greater detail. Today I use Koh-I-Noor 3 x 0 technical and 3 x 0 artist’s pens to achieve a higher degree of detail.

At first I drew small ink renderings due to limited time and exposure to this art medium."

For more info, and background, please reveiw Dwight's website by clicking here...  

Thanks for following my blog, wishing you good light 
and awesome images.
Thanks for looking!
(please click on the images for a larger view!)

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