Friday, January 15, 2016

Thanks to the Baiters

Ever wonder why some 
people hate Baiters?

#1 - They are interfering with carnivorous birds - animals 
natural life process.

#2 - They feed the owls garbage rats bought at a pet food store.

#3 - When they feed an owl its fill early in the morning, after
they are done,  owl will sit still in the field
 for the balance of the day.  So, later - anyone wishing to enjoy
nature has no chance.

#4 - Baiters are creating a human interaction - causing 
the animals and birds to associate us with food.
This can be extremely dangerous.

#5 - The entire concept of Baiting is built around lazy,
selfish photographers who are not willing to put 
the time in to capture a natural image.

#6 - Baiters often are killing birds when they fly
these raptors to their junk rat near the road.

In the end, they could care less.  Then, we have 
so many other  photographers that just happen to be
 there, and naturally, they want to shoot too.

This makes the smile on the Baiters face even brighter.

Carnivorous animals and birds should be left alone.

Feeding a cardinal in your back yard is harmless.  People
who make a comparison to feeding bears, and raptors 
to feeding songbirds with a feeder are simply ignorant.

In national parks like Banff NP, if you are caught feeding any
wildlife, there is a $25,000 fine.  This should
be a nation wide law.
For sure, this is not in my best interest as a 
professional photographer. Companies like Canon sponsor 
baiters who make 10's of thousands of dollars
in a weekend, tossing rats into the snow.
They very likely will never sponsor me.

I am fine with that.

So, me and my big mouth eh?

O well, someone needs to speak out on behalf of nature.

If you care, please share this post.

Below, and completely natural shot of a
Snowy Owl, no bait, no dragging toys 
through the snow, just patience, and study.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Raymond for years, well not that many really 5 years maybe? I have loved your pictures and the kindness you show for all living creatures. You have hit everything on the head in this blog. Give yourself a pat on the back. If I ever do get to chat in person I will give you one or two. This issue is very dear to my heart and I would love to me on the force that brings this to a stop.
    Thanks Ray

  2. Hi Ray - Eckhardt here. Can't agree with you more. I liken them to the idiots who "hunt" lion in Africa by chaining a donkey carcass to a tree and hide the chains in the dirt. Just sickening.


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