Friday, June 17, 2016

Tiger tour to India!

June 2016 Tiger Photography Tour

We just returned, so fortunate to have such an awesome tour.
In all, we managed 18 safaris  with over 90% successful
sightings of these incredible animals.

So powerful, beautiful, and very much the King of the forest
in India.  5,000 images later, I have my work cut out for 
me to edit some of my images.  

If memory serves me 
well, we saw a total of 12 different tigers during 
our safaris, they were so cooperative, posing in beautiful
 environments, and completely indifferent to the jeeps
 and people who were enjoying the view.  

A few images for you to see below, I hope
you enjoy them and possibly join me on a future tour.

Thanks for looking.



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