Friday, July 15, 2016

A Rufous Treepie dances on my Head!

The Samsumg Phone Cam:
 Raymond Barlow and a rufous treepie!

During our most recent tour to visit over 11 wild tigers in India, 
we stopped once in a while for a quick coffee 
break, and a visit with some birds.

I am not into selfies, as I would much rather take 
photos of superb nature, but!...

This treepie, a very friendly species in India is looking 
for cracker hand outs (of which w had none!)

So, quick thinking, my cell cam, a movie, and a few 
snaps for a laugh!

Thanks to my friend and guest Peggy, in the
 back seat for participating on this tour, and 
modeling for this shot!

thanks for looking...

My next tour to the tigers...



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