Friday, February 17, 2017

Thanks to Bruce Kennedy for joining my group!

Great Grey Owl Tour

Special thanks to my friend and guest on this workshop - 
Bruce Kennedy
Notes from Bruce below.

Great Grey Owl, Quebec, along the St. Lawrence River.
A great place to photograph Great Grey Owls in a natural 
environment, where baiting is prohibited and all photographers are required to stay on designated trails. The owls hunt naturally in an undisturbed environment.

This particular owl moved from perch to perch and came 
quite close to the small group of photographers. Here I show it
 landing on a very slim branch in the snow. It is illustrative of how
 light the owl is, and what small perches it can use while listening 
for mice and voles under the snow
Excellent day of instruction and camaraderie
with Mitchell Brown and Raymond Barlow.
Best viewed in full screen.

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Thanks so much Bruce!

Please enjoy these cool shots by clicking on the first image.


Owl workshops.


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