Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Red-necked Grebe Family fights off Intruder!

Oakville Ontario Canada: A family of Red-necked grebes nesting in Bronte harbour had to deal with an unwanted guest at their home Monday afternoon. This neighbouring female crossed into this territory, and muscled its way onto the nest of an establish pair of grebes who already had 3 chicks! (click on the image to see full size)

The host pair fought the intruder for about 10 minutes, constantly pecking away at the birds head, trying to force her off their nest, finally she left, leaving behind a fresh egg. It appears that the male wanting no part of raising another toddler, and it immediately went into the nest, removed it, swam about 15 feet from the nest and let it drop to the bottom of the lagoon.

It was an amazing experience to witness natures fury, I was able to catch about 100 shots of this battle royal, so here I am at 2:30 am posting this cool story on my brand new blog!

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