Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Snakes Workshop Report

The workshop sure was fun, and challenging! These snakes were brought to us by Amy Fennell (thanks Amy!) were quite the performers. I was surprised that they did not move around too much, but I did find I needed to shoot in continuous focus AF with my camera., unless the snake decided to sit still for a longer period of time.

To view the images, click on them, and return here with your back button!

I did use a tripod for all of my shooting, looking for a small aperture settings and lots of depth of field. To view all the images and their exif info, go to my Recent Photos Gallery. In the gallery you will be able to see all the settings from the camera.

Thanks to all the nice people who attended the workshop, I do look forward to seeing some of your images. I did fire a lot of frames, using the 6 fps burst.... this method uses a lot of memory, but increases the odds of getting at least one sharp image.

For easy viewing of all the images I have them on my homepage in the slide show here! Out of about 1000 frames, I was able to work on and edit about 23, so there were quite a few deleted frames, mostly due to camera movement. I do have the worst tripod head you can imagine!

No flash was use during this shoot... although some of my guests were using a flash for some of the shooting. I do like natural light, as I find a flash to give the image an artificial look.

This last image is one of my favourites.... I like the head on look, similar to some flight shooting with the birds. Having the body in the background helps tell the story of the shot., with very little of the snake in actual focus.

I hope to do another workshop with Amy and her snakes this summer, if you are interested in joining us, please let me know!

Some new projects are in the works, so please check back here as often as you can. Also, join me on my Facebook.. the link is here on my home page.

take good care!!!

Raymond Barlow

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