Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Have you ever....

had a monkey pee on you>>??? How lucky can a guy get!!

While in Costa Rica 2 years ago one of the nice gentlemen at the resort ran over and told me of this family of monkeys had moved into some local trees for feeding.

For sure, we (me and the camera rig) ran over to check things out, and sure enough, about 10 monkeys hanging around this very large tree.

I am not sure if I annoyed this animal, or he didn't like the sight of me, but while I was checking exposures and reviewing images on the camera monitor, I felt some drops hit the top of my head, starting to run down my face!! A feeling I won't soon forget!

Before the torrential downpour came, I was able to jump out of the line of flight, but not before my hair, face, and camera were soaked! Too funny!!! I hustled to the condo, a quick shower and was ready to go down there and shoot some more, but they had left...Little buggers!

Anyhow, I figured you all could use a good Canada Day smile, and I hope you will return for the next story very soon. Anyone interested in contributing to this blog, please contact me at

have a great holiday Canada!

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