Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another pair of wild owl workshops!

Sunday and Monday were very long days... up at 5:30 am, and back home at 7:30 -8 PM... 2 groups of wild owl photographers! I hook up with folks along the major highways and we race up to Brighton, and tour the area for Barred owls through the daylight hours.

Monday was my fourth trip, and it sure has proven to be interesting. Each time I go, it becomes a learning experience. the birds find different hunting locations, the weather is different, the light changes, we get fog one day, and snow the next.

I take a maximum group of 3 and spend the entire day answering photography, and wildlife questions. We work with different shooting techniques, and I teach folks how to work with the angles and the light.

Lots more info on these workshops on this page here<<<.

Below, I have images from my guests... thanks for supporting my business!!

Jackie Schuknecht

Joseph Ahmad


Randy E Zack

Jamie Morphy

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