Saturday, January 2, 2010

Muskoka Jan 2nd, 2010 I love this Tree!!

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It sure was some chilly today, but the snow was nice and fresh, the company was great, and the shooting was good fun! Dale and his crew at Muskoka wildlife center put on another great show, and with the cold weather, we sure had a challenge!

The wolves first, then adult cougar Kokanee, then the cats... Lynx, Bobcat, and Lynx Kitten... it was too cold for the Saw-whet owl, so the Great horned owl finished off the show... as usual, time flew by and between shivers, I think everyone caught some interesting images.

The Lynx kitten had a good scratch on this tree, (above) as it turned out quite funny!!

A few more images, and later on this week, we should have some more from my guests.

We are back up in the woods with thes animals again tomorrow, more fun, and cold fingers!

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take good care!

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  1. Marvellous photos! I'd rather be inside and warm today, though. I will go out and feed the birds...

    Thank you for highlighting My Muskoka's Critters so well.


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