Saturday, May 8, 2010

Songbirds Workshops, "One on One!"

This has been good fun! I started doing these "one on one" programs a little over a month ago, and the response has been good! With this type of workshop, we are able to review our guests skill level, and take them up from there!

it is more personal, and much more effective then a group workshop. I personally find it great fun because my guests are always very eager to learn... some even have a list of questions when we get started in the morning!!

We meet before sunrise usually, and trek to a particularly good location for the birds that will make the best subjects. We bring all of our equipment, tripods, flash, etc, and spend the day teaching equipment benefits, settings, support methods, and most importantly, wildlife skills, with photography techniques.

Good nature photography is all about knowledge, and experience. I have worked on these skills almost every day for 5 years now, so I have a lot to share.

Please email me if you have any interest in such a program!!

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