Monday, October 31, 2011

Tanzania, Home of the Jackal

You might call this animal the African coyote, as the looks and
 habits seem so similar.

The Jackal is a curious creature. We saw 4 of them from a
distance crossing the road, from about 1/2 km away approaching
slowly. We were very fortunate to catch
some close views of this family.

The main issue, from a photographers point of view... the light! 
I liked the environment so much, so we figured it was worth a try.
Even though the sun was setting, and the light was coming from
directly behind the animals... sometimes these things just seem
to work out!


Center weighted metering, aperture priority, - 1/3 ev, @ 1/800 sec,
f4, and shooting with the D300, 200-400 VR @iso 320 and a
focal length of 360mm.  Hind sight... I may have
shot even ev, and f7.3 to 
acquire a little more depth of field. 

The composition might seem a little awkward to some, but
 I liked the Jackal's head in the top left
third of the frame, again,
looking back possibly closer to the centre of the top
third would have been better, so for now,
I will leave it as is, and see what you think.

Any questions about our recent tour, please email me here...

best wishes for a good week.

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