Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spotted Hyena at 1/40th

Some luck, and very dark conditions!

D300 / 200-400 VR 
1/40s   f4   210mm  iso 400

At 1/40th of a second and hand holding a large and heavy 
camera / lens combination, the slow shutter speed can and will
create a definite challenge!

Fortunately, the bean bag helped a lot!  While on our way back
to the luxury camp, we drove by this awesome scene, lucky for us,
we stopped at the last light for a shot.

Bursting my shutter at this slow speed gave me about
10 very blurry images, and 1 sharp one!

These animals do not sit still for long. They are very 
hyper, and always hunting.  For a sharp image, you need 
3 things to happen in wildlife photography...

A proper auto focus set up, with a good lock on your target
A very still subject
A very still camera

The combination of these three factors is especially important
in low light.  It sure is nice when everything works out, and you
go home with an image like this one!  This bean bag 
technique is especially important when you are on an
African tour, the early mornings, and late afternoons always
seem to have something awesome happening, so

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