Saturday, February 25, 2017

Natural Owl Photography

Great Grey Owl

Great grey Owl Hunting - Naturally.. no bait, no calls. At this location, they have a guard that protects the birds and wild life! Amazing. We cannot even take a step off the path.

Sit and wait.

Previous to this shot, we waited more then 1 full hour,.. freezing cold, a good 15 km wind, and a coffee was 2.5 km walk away from this area of the park... along an icy trail!  In fact, we were on the trail for a good 3.5 hours before we had a good chance!  I was not dressed warm enough, so at this point I was starting to shiver!

I watched through my viewfinder for 99% of the time waiting for this chance. Sooo much fun!!

Making nature photography easy with baiting is pathetic., and lazy. Good shots are earned, along with respect. This bird was comfortable around people because it was not harassed.

Watching an owl hunt for food and make a kill is as much fun as watching a lion hunt and kill.. I have seen both. Truly real, and awesome.

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